Let Me Help You Build A Home of Well-Behaved, Confident, Peaceful Communicators (without becoming a rule-hound!)

Hi, I’m Lauren,

I help parents build joyful homes where everyone feels loved, heard, and nurtured so that your house can truly be a sanctuary of peace.

After spending 19 years of my life in elementary education, I learned one thing that stood out more than anything else:

Empowered parents raise confident, happy, and successful children.

You see, in my years teaching, I learned something that is universal among all humans; adults and kids alike.

It is the secret to getting anything you want… and it isn’t through “money”, “intelligence”, or even massive trust funds.

The happiest and most successful people on our planet know how to peacefully deal with others.

And if you want joy and confidence for your children, it starts with you.
  • Do you want a happier marriage?
  • Do you want to feel loved and nurtured by your partner?
  • Do you want to feel heard when you speak?
  • Do you want to speak your truth confidently?
  • Do you want to raise confident children who don’t need to be “bullied” or “grounded” in order to, well, ground?
  • Do you want to feel like discipline is effortless, versus like it’s pulling teeth or herding cats?
  • Do you want your home to feel, once and for all, like a sanctuary?
  • What if it felt like your kids were always on their best behavior?
  • What if it felt like your spouse heard your needs and was eager to fulfill them?

I have to be honest with you (and I hope too many of my old student aren’t reading this…)

After about two decades teaching, I got absolutely raging sick of it. All of it.

You see, when I became a mom, I grew weary of going to school to wrangle up other people’s poorly-behaved children…

… Only to go home and fight with my own!

But I was really lucky.

I always had a fabulous relationship with my husband. (So at least I had one relationship that was giving, rather than sucking life!)

Together, we decided that I needed a “reset” in life, and in my own life’s purpose.

I was feeling burnt out, depressed, and even like I was a bad “mom” to my students, and my own children.

So I did what any woman who doesn’t want to live the same fresh hell every day would do:

I hired a purpose coach.

Now, I’ve always been a happy person.

People even call me optimistic.

But I was experiencing joy IN SPITE of the chaos in my life.

You can have joy in spite of circumstances, but you can’t always have joyful circumstances, right?


I learned that you can experience joy AND joyful circumstances; you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Once working with my Purpose Coach, I learned that I could have my proverbial cake and eat it, too.

I could actually be the optimistic, loving, giving person I was… and raise peaceful, confident children WITHOUT feeling like I was always fighting with them.

I didn’t have to stare at myself in the mirror and repeat affirmations to get through the day.

My days could simply be EASIER.

  • My parenting could be easier.
  • My love life could be more effortless.
  • I could even take the joy in my home and affect the world around me better…
I learned that I didn’t have to talk myself into joy, but that my life could be much, much easier.

My purpose coach and I worked with two basic principles:

  1. Joy in your children starts with joy in the parent. Self-care is critical to building confident, well-behaved children.
  2. Marriage is fuel for your joy fire! Even couples on the brink of divorce can salvage their partnership with my Joy Principles.
  3. Children model their parents. Peaceful, loving parents will naturally and effortlessly impress their children into behaving beautifully while retaining confidence.

You’ll hear me talk about confidence a lot in my training.

And that’s because I’ve learned one final principle that ALL my training is hinged upon.

Eighty-five percent of HAPPINESS comes from learning how to deal with others(1).

With my Joy Principles training, you will finally:

  • Create sacred self-care routines without the guilt
  • Enjoy never-before-seen support from your spouse when it comes to YOUR needs
  • Inspire your children to behave lovingly to you and each other
  • Give your children the confidence to name their feelings before acting out
  • Watch your children succeed in interpersonal relationships outside your home, and confidently make friends with others.

World-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Lipton reports in The Biology Of Belief that 95% of our life comes from programs we learn from our parents on how to live life. In fact, we download 95% of our mind’s programs in just the first seven years of life! (2)

Knowing this, now more than ever is a time when we must inspire our children to behave confidently and lovingly.

If we don’t model love, peace, and respect in our marriages and our relationships with other people, our children will merely be “faking” good behavior, only to grow up and feel the desperation and failure that coincides with not knowing how to beautifully and lovingly deal with others.

Do you want to have more effortless joy in your relationships?

Do you want everybody in your home to give and receive more love, starting today?

I want that for you, too.

Click the link below to apply for a no-strings attached complimentary Joy Evaluation with me today!

Yours in joyous gratitude,

Daily Joy

  1. Les Giblin “How To Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People”
  2. Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

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© 2019 Daily Joy All Rights Reserved.

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