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Lauren Aleza Raymond started her professional career as an elementary school teacher in 1995 in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. In 2003 she relocated to Avon, in the beautiful Colorado Rockies to continue teaching. Soon after, Lauren began to coach teachers to better their practice in the classroom.

During Lauren’s six years of coaching teachers she got married. Lauren had her first child in 2008 and her second child in 2011. She was very passionate about staying home with her children. The family goal was to raise happy, healthy, respectful and mindful children.

In 2015 the Raymond family relocated to Basalt, Colorado where Lauren resumed her teaching career. This is when things changed. Lauren felt lost, not sure of what she wanted to do. She knew there was something bigger and better but did not know how to find it. She had attended several events with like minded people, yet would always hear how they had this passion and purpose to add value to others lives. She read self development book after self development book and worked on all the activities to no avail. Lauren still could not find her purpose. A thought came into her head one day, to reach out to an ex-parent of one of her students. She is a purpose coach. After their first conversation, Lauren knew she was going to work with her.

She hired her coach to help her discover her purpose. Lauren spent four months diving into her past; visualizing, meditating and deep reflection to find out what was and was not serving her. She discovered one role she played that was named, “Warrior/Champion”. Lauren didn’t take up offers of help or support from others. She always told herself she could handle it and she did, however it took away her deep JOY. She had to practice and learn how to ask and receive offers of support. Once she began to accept support from her husband, Mom, and close friends it was like a huge weight was lifted off her back and she became so much more relieved, happy, and felt more free.

With this continued deep dive into her life with her coach, more and more came out that she worked on and shifted in her life. Learning to embrace the feeling of JOY at work, more with her kids, and regaining that back with her husband. This is where Daily Joy LLC was born.

Roles we play in our lives can or cannot serve us. From Lauren’s experience she realized the Warrior/Champion role she played for decades took away from her self-care which is the first pillar of bringing JOY into our lives and this is where Lauren’s program begins.

What clients say
about working with us

We help our clients create more love, happiness and communication in their homes.

When I started working with Lauren I was frustrated with my relationship with my 8 year old.  We worked together to realize how to create more joy in my relationship and it worked almost immediately.  We identified a time that sucked the most amount of joy out of our relationship (bedtime) and figured out a pro active way to turn that time into the best part of our day.  I notice more joy and connection in our lives now.  I realized that with out joy in my life – why are we doing it at all?  With that realization (facilitated by Lauren), we created more ways to experience joy in the small moments.  This short, effective program has truly changed my life and my relationship with my daughter.

POPPY VILLAVICENCIO, Owner of Incorporate Yoga

What I love about working with Lauren is that you are not overly medical, or spiritual, but matter of fact and get me thinking about certain directions. You have me change the track my train is on.


© 2019 Daily Joy All Rights Reserved.

© 2019 Daily Joy All Rights Reserved.

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