Life Do You Share Your Struggles With Your Husband and Children?

August 6, 20190

Life is filled with happiness and struggles. There is no way around that.  We often let the happiness and joy into our lives and fly high when we are in that high vibration. When we are in our low vibration; anger, resentment, sadness, frustration, we tend to live in this state longer.  When this happens it affects the people around us; our significant other, our children, our friends. I have been here many times in my life. Most recently with the new addition of a puppy. (You may know if you have read my previous blogs).  I have been sulking and suffering with the struggle of certain situations and all I do is talk about them. Well, that doesn’t do me ANY GOOD! It just brings MORE SUFFERING, ANGER, and FRUSTRATION. 

I have spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME SUFFERING this summer over a PUPPY who we all adore!   


After several conversations with my husband, friends, and dog trainers, I have found ways to get through this.  However the most significant change was NAMING IT to my family! My kids are 8 and 11. They are amazing, empathetic, nurturing, wonderful children.  They have been very helpful with the puppy and it definitely is a team effort. However, I take care of the night and early morning wake ups which is really getting to me.

One day after three hours of sleep I was sad and frustrated and REALLY TIRED!  My kids were with me and I just decided to NAME IT! I said to them, “I’m really struggling with this puppy. You know I love her right? I’m just having a hard time.”  Once I did that I found a huge sense of RELIEF. I put it out there to my kids. Why wouldn’t I! Since I did that, I have been able to let it all go, my kids are more empathetic in certain situations with the puppy and they understand why my emotions are so up and down.  

Here is another example:  My husband came home from work one day and he was exhausted. Not to mention, he received a few messages that were very upsetting and completely took him down.  As we were sitting down for dinner he realized he was in a SUFFERING STATE.  

He stood up from the table and said, “I’m really struggling today and not mentally with it.  I’m sorry if I seem short or snappy, I need a HAPPY DANCE.” So we all stood up, put a song on Alexa and went to dancing.  Again, NAMING IT and PUTTING IT out there so we all knew what was going on made the difference. He was able to release it for a while, have a pleasant family dinner without being in the suffering state and enjoy the rest of his evening.


These two examples are modeling for our children that it is ok to share when we are suffering.  Why wouldn’t we? We are human. We aren’t invincible parents. We feel emotion, we struggle and sometimes we take out our suffering on the ones around us. So instead of letting it get to that point, we share it with each other.  It alleviates so many future problems such as fights and arguments. It allows the other people around us to become compassionate and empathetic. It takes a conscious effort to realize when you are in that suffering state. The goal is to REALIZE it, CATCH it, and NAME it to the people around you. 

Sharing with each other where we are at in the moment is essential to MORE JOYFUL homes where everyone feels LOVED, HEARD, and NURTURED so that your house can truly be a sanctuary of peace. Why wouldn’t anyone want a SANCTUARY OF PEACE at home EVERY SINGLE DAY?  It takes WORK and is WELL WORTH IT.

The next time you are in a suffering state are you going to share with the ones around you?  Make it a priority to try it. See how it FEELS and what it DOES for YOU.  

Make sure to share with ME your feedback. Did this blog bring you VALUE? Can you RELATE?  What is your opinion on this topic?

Living in DAILY JOY!


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