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July 24, 20190

Did you know there are actual benefits for having a dog?  If you are a dog person and have had them before, then you probably know the benefits. If you aren’t a dog person, and that is  OK, you may not know many of them.

Growing up we had dogs; two mutts. One from the humane society and one that was found on the streets. We LOVED them. I remember when little Angie got hit by a car. She wasn’t dead, more like in a comma, yet it didn’t look good. We put her to sleep and cried and cried.  Left was Sammy who was with us for many years later. I remember when my Mom had to put her to sleep. She actually stayed home from work that day much to the chagrin of others who didn’t understand the grieving that was happening.

In my mid 20’s my ex-husband brought home a cocker spaniel puppy.  I don’t remember ANYTHING about the puppy phase. He was my kid. When we divorced he stayed with me. He wasn’t the friendliest dog to people who he didn’t know but once he knew you, he was THE BEST!!! 

In 2007 I went on my honeymoon with my now husband and my mom watched my dog. She loved him to pieces. When she picked us up from the airport she was a bit out of it, not engaging in conversation at all. At her house I asked where Hudson was. She told me he got sick while we were away, a blood disease that happened rapidly and she had him put down.  I for sure trusted her in that decision as she loved that dog. You could imagine how my 2 hour drive home went, tears pouring out of my eyes and completely heart broken. 

I looked at my husband and said, “Do not get me another dog.”  

I wasn’t sure if he would, but I couldn’t handle the heartbreak. It was so deep I never wanted to go through that again. Some people replace their dog right away which is very understandable. I needed a break! 

It is crazy how IMMEDIATELY your lifestyle adjusts to no dog responsibilities.

As time went on, we had 2 kids and always talked about getting a dog when they were older. I wanted my kids to grow up with a family dog because I do believe that they make such wonderful pets and there are benefits to having a dog as a family pet.

About 2 years ago my mom got a puppy and we take care of that dog often. The kids LOVE him. Every time we had him they would have to show me how they can be responsible for a pet.  They definitely have proved their responsibility.

A year ago I started the search. If we were to get a puppy it would have to be at the beginning of the summer as school is out and we have time to train the puppy.  I filled out adoption papers for one cutie and we were second in line. It went to the family before us. Soon after that, a wildfire broke out in our valley and life was uprooted so the dog would have to wait.

Then comes May 2019. Two weeks before school let out, we were sent a post for black labs in Denver. I was going to be in Denver that coming weekend, I live 3 hours a way, and I had a friend who would take the puppy for the last week of school. So we went for it.  


I brought the puppy home. We had her for one night then she went to our friends, 3 hours a way.  We got her back a week later and then HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!


I’m getting up in the middle of the night, my freedom is gone as I know it and I am FAR from living in JOY!!!  OH GOSH I know this will pay off right?!

Needless to say, the first 3 weeks were HARD, HARDER than when I had babies!! I was beside myself. NOT sure how this was going to work. I kept telling myself it would pay off once the puppy stage is gone and she is trained well.  I knew it would and in the back of my brain I was wondering if that was true. There were moments, between the TEARS of puppy BITING, that I would see how much my kids loved HER already! I was starting to also, yet still was beside myself on HOW MUCH time and attention she needed.  

Everything went through my more date nights with my hubby when the kids have a sleep over at their grandma’s, no more full days out, and on and on and on. 

The JOY wasn’t coming back.  I can handle trauma (when my MOM had emergency open heart surgery two years ago) much better than handling a PUPPY! 

Then my friend came, the one who is THAT PERSON. (check out last week’s blog)

She talked me off the ledge. She looked at the puppy after spending time with her and said, “If you can do this, raise two kids), you can do THAT! (pointing at the puppy). After she left, I stopped and thought..she is completely CORRECT!!! I CAN DO THIS!!   I need to change my mindset and put that positiveity and JOY into this PUP. Just doing this recently has MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! 

Things are much calmer and better. We figured out the food, (I was feeding her too much, therefore she was pooping 5 times a day, even in her kennel when we would leave for short periods of time).  Even though she gets up really early we are working on extending that time.

Since then, I came across an article in August’s Parent Magazine that has an article called, “The Calming Power of Dogs.” The article discusses the unconditional love, innate soothing and being a best companion.  Of course I HAD to read this and I have already seen her calm and soothe my son in her 6 weeks of life with us. He walked away crying the other day and laid right with the puppy and calmed him immediately. It was BEAUTIFUL! 

At the grocery store I was thumbing through a magazine and came to a page on dogs as pets. I read the caption of one picture and a gentleman said that his dog brings him so much JOY! He didn’t think he had time for a dog because he was too busy but the DOG has definitely made him SLOW DOWN and he loves taking the dog on walks as well as traveling with the dog!  YES this isn’t a coincidence…It is SYNCHRONICITY!! I know there is a reason why these two articles popped in front of my eyes when they did!

They confirm that YES, I GOT THIS and ONYX is already BRINGING JOY into our household, I just wasn’t letting it in! Now that I have opened up, I see and FEEL the JOY she brings for me, my husband, my kids, and even our friends!!!!

Here we are to a new adventure with a DOG and I LOOK forward to all the JOYFUL moments with her and observing the POSITIVE IMPACT she has on my kids and our family!

Do you have a family pet? If you do, share what kind of pet and how he/she has made a difference in your life!!!  

Living in DAILY JOY!


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